Everyone wants to look good. Some people just “feel” it and go with the flow, some people spend an hour daily to choose the right outfit and some people throw their clothes around every single morning, looking for this one accessory which will make you look special. Below you can a few tips which might help you to update your daily “fashion-beauty” routine. Let’s start!

  1. Feeling good is a main key to success. No matter if million people tells you, you look good. If you don’t feel feel, don’t wear it. Feeling well is the only way to look well.
  2. You feel like you need some inspiration? Maybe it’s time to visit some fashion blog? Fashion bloggers always update their website with the most up to date styles. Remember, different bloggers have different styles. Don’t follow all of them. Try to choose the one whose style you like the most and look for some inspirations.
  3. Don’t spend thousands on designer clothes. You don’t need to have all the newest and the most expensive collections. Choose the clothes you really like and which you can match with something what you already have in your wardrobe. You don’t have to look like a walking trademark.
  4. Everyone needs basics. Basic clothes are the foundation of everyday look. Everyone needs in his/her wardrobe simple white tea, some sneakers and some nice denim. If you will complete your basic wardrobe, you will see that simplicity may also look good.
  5. Don’t try too hard. Patterns are top at the moment and you can see them everywhere. Remember however that what you see on the model in Vogue magazine, won’t necessary look good on you when you walk down the street. No matter how much you like patterns, yellow skirt with checked shirt, striped bag and pink beret with white dots won’t be the best choice for casual friend meeting.
  6. Don’t fight with the weather. I know you just bought a new pair of sandals and you can’t wait to wear them cuz you know they will be a total game changer of your outfit, but believe me. No matter how amazing your Versace sandals/ Gucci tank top/ Givenchy shorts are, they won’t look good if it’s snowing outside.
  7. Don’t forget about accessories. No matter how awesome the outfit is, it always needs some accessories to spice it up. Don’t be scarred to wear hats/ caps/ bracelets/ rings. Go bold or go home!
  8. Don’t follow the crowd. These moments when we see a nice t-shirt online and we really want to order it, but 5 of our friends have same one already. “Should I buy it anyway? It’s really trendy now…” Well, ask yourself, do you really want to follow the crowd? Browse a bit more, maybe you will catch on some new trend and you will find something even better.
  9. Pay attention to details. “Which socks should I wear? Who cares?” Even the best and the most expensive outfit won’t look good with old, holey sock, or with old grandpas gloves.
  10. Keep your outfit tidy. Even the most expensive sneakers won’t look good if they are not clean and shiny. Try to always take care of your clothes and accessories. They will last longer and your outfit will always look nice and tidy.

These are just a couple of tips which we believe can make your life easier. Hope you found it useful! 🙂