A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate at Chanel Joan Elkayam’s fashion show in Milan. Chanel is one of the youngest and, in my opinion, surely one of the most talented British designers today. You may ask what is so special about Chanel and her designs? Well, Chanel is only 20 years old and already had the opportunity of presenting her talent during not only the Milan Fashion Week, but also The London, New York and Paris Fashion Week respectively. You could think with such accomplishments at that age, Chanel could get lost in the cruel and ruthlessly competitive world of fashion, but those who speak to Chanel come away with an emphasis of how kind and innocent a person she is.

During The Milan Fashion Week, Chanel presented her newest collection called “Nonna”. This very personal collection was dedicated to her grandmother, who recently passed. If I would have to describe Chanel’s newest designs in two words, I would call it ‘absolute elegance’. Puffy sleeved shirts, sheered dresses and skirts, sequins and stunning gowns and that’s just the beginning. During the show, I kept turning my head left and right, not being able to decide which piece was my favourite. It feels like Chanel combines classic elegance, with modern form. Every piece was absolutely unique and more than beautiful.

I would definitely recommend Chanel’s collection to all the modern, elegant women, who love the touch of a unique luxury.  The quality of the garments, stitches and perfectly finished pieces, will satisfy even the pickiest of sorts. In the current world of fast fashion, Chanel’s designs are a breath of fresh air.

This young woman doesn’t only surprise me with her designs, but also with her young, ambitious spirit. I believe that Chanel and her designs are the perfect combination of passion and real talent.

Below you can find some of my favourite looks. Make sure to visit Chanel’s website, where you can find more information about Chanel and shop her latest collection,  simply click here.

Make sure to also follow her on Instagram, to stay up to date with her newest designs: @cje_official