If you read my blog before, then you probably already know that some time ago (after a lot of consideration) I decided to invest in Maxi Lash serum. At the beginning I wasn’t really sure how effective it would be, but once I read all of the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. Now (a couple of months later), I am sure it was a good decision.

After a massive Maxi Lash serum success, I decided to once again visit the www.maxilash.com website and look for some more valuable products. Almost immediately, I stumbled upon the Maxi Brow and Maxi Mask products. Positively surprised by Maxi Lash serum, I decided to take the risk once again and give it a try.

Big and full eyebrows are this seasons biggest trend. I saw plenty of tutorials for “how to make your eyebrows full”, but most of them were rather make up tricks, than useful tips. My eyebrows were always pretty full, but after years of styling and plucking, they definitely needed some external help, that is why I decided to invest in Maxi Brow. Maxi Brow serum is yet another product of the Maxi Cosmetics family. Black, shiny phial looks very elegant and thanks to it’s small size, it can easily fit into any kind of bag.

If you know me well, then you probably already know that I love natural products, hence one of the first things I checked were the ingredients. Maxi Brow serum is 100% natural, dermatological tested and it’s formula is fully organic. You have to love it!

Once I received the product I decided to start to use it straight away. First changes supposed to be visible after 6-8 weeks. As every woman, I don’t really like to wait for the results, but hey! Surprise, surprise! After only 5 weeks of use, I already noticed first visible improvements. My eyebrows were way stronger! After 8 weeks, my eyebrows became much thicker and a bit darker, this made me especially happy, as I always try to use as little of make up as possible.

My general opinion? A big YES! Product is definitely worth it’s price. Problems with thin and fine eyebrows? Maxi Brow is your hero!

Along with Maxi Brow I decided to try the Maxi Mask. Being absolutely honest, this product wasn’t on my shopping list, but once I started to read the product description I decided to “treat myself”. 😉 As a very active girl, I often go to bed late and wake up in the early mornings. This frequently results in dark circles under my eyes and a visibly tired “look”.

One box of Maxi Mask contains 5 pairs of eye pads, so I was wondering how long would it take to see the first results. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long. First effects were visible right after the first use! Dark circles under my eyes were visibly reduced and what’s more important, the skin under my eyes was glowing! After a few uses, the skin under my eyes got visibly more hydrated and revitalised.

One last important thing, in opposite to other eye masks, Maxi Mask sticks to your skin and you don’t have to fix it every 30 seconds. This means, that you can use it on a daily basis, while cleaning your house or reading a book. I decided that Maxi Mask will definitely become one of my favourite beauty products!

Maxi Cosmetics are slowly becoming one of my favourite cosmetics. The price of Maxi Brow is €49 and the price of Maxi Mask is only €19! You can order your products from www.maxilash.com

Still not sure if you should give it a try? Feel free to hit me with questions! Hope you guys will love it as much as I do!